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Home Winemaking Guides

Follow the links on this page for free detailed winemaking guides that include step-by-step manuals that will help you enjoy fine wines made in your own home. Winemaking as a hobby, is both rewarding and rich in tradition that all members of your family will enjoy.

The Winemaking instructions are compiled from: The New York States Home Winemaking Committee.



Wine Making Facts

We are often asked to explain the difference between Cold Press and Hot Press grape processing. Following is information which should help clarify the understanding of the processes.

Wine Grape Fact: 12-14 lbs. of grapes = 1 gallon of wine.


Cold Press Process

It's the pressing of grapes at ambient fruit temperature or grapes that have been 'Cold Soaked' for flavor extraction. Basically this means grapes are pressed at the same temperature as received from the vineyard. This method is used for the majority of white grapes and some red grapes.

Hot Press Process

It's the pressing of the grapes with the addition of extra heat (Sometimes referred to as Thermal Vinification). Grapes are de-stemmed, crushed and cycled through a heat exchanger to bring the Grape Must to a temperature of 140º -145º Fahrenheit before pressing. This process is used mostly in the production of red grapes and/or juices.

At Randall-Standish Vineyards we offer an alternative of cold or hot pressing for Concord and Foch wines.

Cold Pressing of Red Grapes

Produces a wine of rosé style with less pronounced flavors. The wine generally clarifies more easily than with hot press. The disadvantage is that the rosé color may not be as stable over extended periods of time.

Hot Pressing of Red Grapes

Produces a wine with much darker color and a more distinctive varietal flavor. One disadvantage is that in some years, the wine does not clarify easily and will require clarification with Bentonite and/or Sparkaloid.