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August 2020

August 2020

Dear Juice Customers,

We are very much looking forward to the 2020 grape harvest.! We are anticipating a higher brix and lower acidity due to the hot dry summer. Due to the growing season, Muscat will not be available this year. Hopefully, it will return in 2021! Marquette and Chardonnay will be available for one week only.

Due to COVID, masks must be worn at our facility. Social distancing will be required. We will not be teaching any wine classes this fall.

Please place your juice order at the beginning of its availability and mark your calendar for the scheduled pickup. We will do our absolute best to notify you of any changes in availability.

The Randall-Standish Crew

P.S. You can purchase most of your home winemaking needs (carboys, yeast, fermentation locks, etc.) from “Barrel
Necessities” at Randall-Standish.