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August 2021

August 2021

Dear Juice Customers,

We are looking forward to the 2021 grape harvest! This is our 50th year! On October 2nd, from 12-5pm, we will be having a food truck, Arbor Hill wine tasting, and live music. Come help us celebrate our golden anniversary! We are anticipating low brix and high acidity levels due to the wet summer. Some varieties are only available for one weekend. See asterisks on the juice order form.

Please place your juice order as soon as possible and mark your calendar for the scheduled pickup. We will do our absolute best to notify you of any changes in availability. Make sure we have your current phone number!

Thank you for your continued patronage!
The Randall-Standish Crew

P.S. You can purchase most of your home winemaking needs (carboys, yeast, fermentation locks, etc.) from “Barrel Necessities” at Randall-Standish.

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  1. Do you add meta to juice before we pick up ? Thanks.

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